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The IMNDA Online Community Hub is a safe and supportive online discussion site for people living with Motor Neurone Disease (MND), their caregivers and families. It is a place where members can easily access relevant and up to date information, helpful advice, support and would like to connect with others.

·  Looking to discuss your experiences with other people?

·  Interested in finding, receiving and providing support?

·  Want to connect with others at a time convenient for you?

Registration is FREE and your contact details are kept confidential. Once registered, you will have access to the following:



Our forums can be read by anyone, but in order to interact with others and post messages of your own, you will need to register with this site.



Connect and share experiences with people who have been affected by MND. Search for people in your area, connect and chat!



Our news sections allows Members to post entries, articles and blogs about their personal experiences. We will also share entries by healthcare professionals and those involved with MND research.



Key up to date on all upcoming events.



We want to hear your opinion, here you can tell us what you think.


Our online community provides a place to connect, and find support in a safe space.


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